Sibling Rilvary

The FDSH Class of 1980 had an amazing number of siblings !  Here is a list of those that had to put up with each other through every phase of their lives: 

Ron & Anita Ayala (Harris)

Mark & Marvin Bacon

Ed & Faith Birnbaum

Jeff & John Carse

Dana & Dell Conrad

Jim & Julie Crimmins

Dana & Duane Crouse

Dawn & Doug Egli

Dave & Don Ewing

Jeff, Doug & Tracy Flockhart

Craig & Jeff Jensen

Tim & Tom Kramer

Donavon & John Kuhn

Dennis & Rodney Luhmann

Laura & Lynne Maiwurm

Caren & Carla Mogler

Mike R. & Shelly Nelson

Laura & Tammy Osborne

Laurie & Leanne Otto

Dave & Steve Smith

Marty & Mike Welp