Grandchildren "shared"

These are the "shared" grandchildren within the Class of 1980 (this page is still under construction)

Three Classmates: Jim Arends, Linda (Breeden) Arends, and Deb (Ascherl) Willett share a grandson. 

     Hank Wayne (boy) born 03/21/19

Two Classmates:

Kim (Pearce) Schuur and Jeff Schuur share: 

     Kayleigh F born 10/21/02

     Ethan M born 07/20/03

     Ethan M born 01/27/05

     Rosie F born 03/12/05

     Braydon M born 11/22/05

     Maleah born 03/10/06

     Aneliese F born 11/21/06

     Mason M born 09/10/08

     Carston M born 08/08/09

     Rylee F born 08/13/12

     Layla F born 09/24/13

     Starlla F born 12/29/14

     Beverly F born 06/10/15

     Liam M born 07/01/15

     Gweniviere due Sept 2019

Dan Lind and Kelly (Knowles) Lind

Tom Kramer and Joanne (Thies) Kramer 

Wayne Mason and Shelly (Michalski) Mason

Don Sawyer and Suzanne (Knupp) Sawyer 

     Sawyer Anne (girl) born 04/08/17

     Rowen Lyn (girl) born 07/20/18

Rod Roskilly and Mary (Johnson) Roskilly 

Mark Shipmand and Holly (Blunt) Shipman 

Dave Becker and Alicia (Hanson) Becker

Dallas Woock and Lori (Shelton) Woock 

Hummm....who else am I missing?