CM in Education



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Evidently those teachers that we had in life had a big impact on many of our classmates.  We have many classmates that are employed in education:

Classmate                              Position                   School System

Kathy Lumsden Wilson

Barb Hepperle Wingerson

Clare Hamilton Scruggs

Cory Lang

Sean Smith

David Ewing                                                          Ankeny, Iowa

Ed Birnbaum                                                          Fort Dodge, Iowa

Tommy Thompson                                                 Fort Dodge, Iowa

Cindy Bellinger Luethje

Glenda Willard Harms                                           Fort Dodge, Iowa                            

Ann Werner Butler

Nancy Nitzke Johnson

Lori Galvin

Raylene Haffner Grose

Linda Finnegan Hinshaw

Nancy Anderson Bowers

Kim Axness Gordon

Susan Dixon Cale

Kathleen Markley Roller

Jim McCartney